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Liudmyla Shablevska
"Investing in learning the French language is an investment in your successful immigration."

What problems do I help solve?

Don’t be afraid of language challenges
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Preparation for the immigration exam Tefaq (Québec, Canada)

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Preparation for the immigration interview in French

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Accelerated conversational course for the first year in a new country

About me

Liudmyla Shablevska

I am a French language teacher with 21 years of teaching experience (15 years in Ukraine + 6 years in Quebec). I hold two higher education teaching diplomas – from NPU named after Dragomanov (Kyiv, 2001) and UDEM (Université de Montréal, in progress).

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I have worked with all categories of students: from 3-year-old children of Ukrainian pop stars in Kyiv to large international corporations in Canada (Warner Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Bombardier, etc.). Currently, I enjoy working with people who have chosen immigration and since 2014, I have been supporting students in their démarches.


Why me?

I teach, live, and practice in Canada (Montreal, Quebec).
I have the most up-to-date information because I work in a government structure that deals with the integration of immigrants into the language environment of Quebec.
My training programs cannot be found in textbooks; they are created by me based on the realities of immigration that immigrants will face in the first hours after landing at Trudeau Airport.

Happy students

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You get more than just language knowledge – you get experience and opportunities.

Exam simulation, level assessment, written recommendations - 60 minutes (always available).

$50 CAD

(number of lessons depends on the student's language level) - one lesson - $50 - 60 min. When purchasing ten lessons with prepayment conditions, the price is $450 for 10 lessons.

$50 CAD

When purchasing 10 lessons with prepayment conditions (covering all possible questions and explaining the purpose of the immigration officer).

$500 CAD
Get in touch

Contact me

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I’m always happy to hear from you and I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.


    Please read our FAQ to get answers to frequently asked questions.

    It all depends on the level of French at the time of searching for a tutor. If the level is 0 - at least a year. The best idea is to start preparing for the exam with a full A2 level (3-4 according to the Quebec system). Then everything will go faster. Until reaching the A2 level, there is no talk of preparing for the exam. You just need to learn the language.

    Come to me for an express consultation.

    No one can guarantee successful language testing. The teacher cannot know whether there will be a power outage at the test center, whether the student ate something stale the day before, etc. The teacher can guarantee the quality of the knowledge taught, and the rest depends on the student and their motivation.

    Yes. Many exams are accepted for immigration. TEFaQ is one of the simplest exams developed and adapted specifically for immigration, and only in this exam it is allowed to pass 2 parts, while other exams imply 4 parts necessarily.

    Yes. The student can choose how to do it.

    There is no time to prepare for the speaking part. The student reads the announcement and starts answering. The examiner controls the time in the speaking part. During the listening part on the computer, there is a countdown and you can see how much time is left.


    No. The examiners have a whole table of criteria for assessing oral answers. Many other factors also affect successful completion, such as clear pronunciation, rich vocabulary, fluent speech, etc.

    Yes. In order to confirm knowledge of the language when applying for citizenship, the TEFaQ diploma is accepted as a confirming document.

    I can and will. I do not hold students if they are already ready to go and take the exam for the desired B2 level.

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